What can I learn about each conversation on a conversation list?

Once you have arrived at a conversation list by browsing or doing an Advanced Search, you can learn useful information about each conversation. This information will help you decide whether a particular conversation is of interest to you.

Every conversation list includes:

  • The title of each conversation.
  • The topic of each conversation. This topic description – which was written by the member who created the conversation – is located below the title of the conversation.
  • The subjects and roles to which the conversation relates. These subjects and roles are listed below the summary. The member who created the conversation tagged the conversation with these subjects and roles because he or she thought the conversation relates to these subjects and would be of interest to people in these roles.
  • Username of the member who created the conversation. The username is listed in the Posted By column. Note that by clicking on the username, you can go to that member’s Profile Page. There, you can learn about the member, see resources or events he or she has shared, and contact the member via e-mail.
  • Number of comments that have been posted as part of the conversation. This is the number of comments that members have posted since the creation of the conversation. The number of comments is listed in the Comments column.
  • Date and time of the last comment. The date and time will tell you how recently a comment has been posted as part of the conversation. This information is listed in the Post/Comment column.
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