How can I start my own conversation by adding a conversation to the website?

On the Conversations Page, you can start your own conversation for others to join by clicking on the Add Conversation button.

To start your own conversation:

  1. On the Conversations Page, click the Add Conversation button above and to the right of the tabs, beneath the pictures. This will take you to a page labeled Create Conversation.
  2. On the Create Conversation page, type the title of the conversation you are adding in the Title box.
  3. Next, type the opening comment of the conversation you are creating in the Message box.
  4. Classify Your Conversation by Subject: Select any of the following subjects that relate to the conversation you are creating (choose as many as you think apply by clicking the box to the left of the subject):
    • Classroom-Specific Resources
    • College and Career Resources
    • Confidentiality and Information-Sharing
    • Early Childhood/Child Development
    • Educational Rights
    • General Education
    • Legislation-Specific Resources
    • People, Programs, and Services: Contact Information
    • School Discipline
    • Strategies for Helping Foster Youth Succeed in School
    • Students with Disabilities/Special Education
    • Understanding the Systems Serving Foster Youth
  5. Classify Your Conversation by Role: If you think the conversation you are creating will be of particular interest to people in certain roles, select those roles (choose as many as you think apply by clicking the box to the left of the role):
    • Caregivers
    • Child Welfare Workers
    • Education Professionals
    • Education Rights Holder
    • Foster Children and Foster Youth
    • Foster Youth Liaisons
    • Juvenile Court Professionals
    • Legal and Expert Educational Advocates
    • Mental Health Professionals
    • Probation Officers
  6. Click the Submit Conversation button. Your conversation will be posted to the website.
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