How can I share my own events with the community?

Anyone can share events that might be of interest to the community. To add your own event to the site:

  1. On the News & Events Page, click the Add Event button below the pictures toward the top of the page. This will take you to a page labeled Create Event.
  2. On the Create Event page, there are five required fields to fill out regarding your event:
    • Title of event
    • Date of event
    • Event category, where you can select any of the following if they describe your event:
      • Advocacy activities
      • Community events
      • Training/Conferences
    • Event details
    • Whether you are adding a link or attachment with more information
      • No
      • Link
      • File
  3. If you like, you can provide further information about your event by providing a link or attaching a file. Note that you can link to an outside website that contains information regarding your event. Alternatively, you can upload a file (Word document, PDF, etc.) about the event, such as an event flyer containing further details or an agenda.
  4. If you select Link, a box will appear where you can type the URL of the webpage that contains the resource. If you select File, a Choose File button will appear. Once you have a chosen a file, click the Upload button to ensure that it successfully loads.
  5. When you have finished filling out the fields, click Save to post your event to the site.
  6. Once you have shared your event, it will be reviewed by a site administrator to ensure that it is appropriate for the community. As soon as the administrator approves the event listing, it will become publicly available and viewable.
  7. TIP: When selecting a title, note that other members will see this title on a list of news and events.
  8. TIP: When adding the date of the event, put the first day of the event in the From Date field and the last day of the event in the To Date field. If the event is only one day long, you can leave the To Date field blank.
  9. TIP: For the event category, select all of the categories that apply.
  10. TIP: When providing event details, be clear and concise. Describe the event that you are posting and include other relevant information, such as the purpose of the event, its location, who is hosting it, and the intended audience.
  11. TIP: Uploaded files can be no larger than 20 MB.
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