How can I filter members in the Member Directory by role, county, or subject of interest?

You can filter the list of members shown on the page by:

  • Member role
  • County
  • Subject of interest

To filter the list of members in the Member Directory:

  1. Click the Member Directory link at the top of any page on the website.
  2. Select a choice (role, county, area of interest) in one or more of the dropdown menus and click Apply. The list of members will update itself to display only those members matching the criteria you selected.
    • Member role = choose any role or sub-role (e.g. “Caregivers” or “Adoptive Parents”)
    • County = choose any California county
    • Subject of interest = choose any subject heading or subheading (e.g. “Legislation-Specific Resources” or “AB 490”)
  3. TIP: Using more filters will result in seeing fewer members. If you choose a member role AND county AND subject of interest, you may not find any members because it may be the case that no one matches all three criteria. In that situation, try sorting with only one or two filters.
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