How can I browse through a list of resources tagged as relating to a particular subject?

To browse through a list of resources tagged as relating to a particular subject:

  1. Click on the blue Resources & Information button.
  2. The Resources By Subject tab will already be highlighted. You will see 12 subject headings in bold, some with subheadings beneath them. These 12 subject headings are:
    • Classroom-Specific Resources
    • College and Career Resources
    • Confidentiality and Information Sharing
    • Early Childhood/Child Development
    • Educational Rights
    • General Education
    • Legislation-Specific Resources
    • People, Programs, and Services: Contact Information
    • School Discipline
    • Strategies for Helping Foster Youth Succeed in School
    • Students with Disabilities/Special Education
    • Understanding the Systems Serving Foster Youth
  3. Click on any heading or subheading to access links to all the resources that were tagged as pertaining to that subject when they were added to the website.
  4. You can further sort this list of resources by the following criteria by clicking on one of three tabs:
    • Recent = resources most recently shared appear at the top of the list
    • Popular = resources viewed most often appear at the top of the list
    • Recommended = only resources that other members have flagged as useful
  5. Or, you can see all resources that were tagged with the heading or subheading you chose by clicking the “View All Resources” button to the right.
  6. Once you have found the title of a resource that interests you, click on that title and you will be directed to a page devoted to that resource. There, you can read, download, and comment on the resource, as well as learn other useful information.
  7. TIP: When browsing, start by clicking on the most specific subheading that matches your area of interest, but also try clicking on the more general heading. While the headings capture a more general type of resource, the subheadings capture more specific resources.
  8. TIP: The member who added a particular resource to the website chose the headings and subheadings under which the resource is categorized.
  9. TIP: Most resources are tagged with more than one subject, so you might find the same resource even after clicking different headings or subheadings. For example, the resource “Youth Law Center Website” is tagged with ten different subjects, including the subheadings “Child Welfare System” and “Dependency System” and the heading “General Education.” This resource would appear if you were to click any of those headings or subheadings.
  10. TIP: Resources found under a subheading will not appear under its more general heading, though many resources can be found under more than one subject. Thus, it is often best to look in both places.
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